Aluminum Vs. The Rest

Aluminum Vs. The Rest
April 28, 2016 administrator-pp


There are so many options out there for spicing up offices, yards and roof tops, etc.. One of the best ways to do this is by installing planters.  However, selecting the right planters can be a challenging task.  There are so many different material and shape options, it’s hard to know what to choose.  Fibreglass has a lower price point.  Aluminum is light weight, strong, and never rusting make it appealing.  Steel is also a great alternative to Aluminum. It is customizable, strong, heavy. Though steel can rust, it is definitely a nice alternative for indoor use.

We weighed these same pros and cons when deciding which materials we should use to fabricate for our customers. We wanted a product that was fully customizable, light weight, rust free, and resilient. Aluminum is the only material that checked all those boxes, and it did so with relative ease.

We are now able to produce aluminum planters quickly while maintaining high quality control standards of every planter that leaves our doors. Although we can fabricate in many different common metals, including Cor-Ten Steel, we always drift back to the advantages associated with fabricating out of aluminum.

While most of our customers purchase our products for commercial or industrial use, we do have clients asking for custom planters for their homes as well. We make this process easy.  All we need are the dimensions you’re looking for (Length x width x height) and relevant info about custom colours, if that is an option you are interested in.  We also have local retailers in the Greater Vancouver area that carry our stock sized planters.

Have any questions? Give us a ring (or a tweet, hashtag, text, email, DM, whichever your preference)!