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custom-made-fiberglass-planterPlanters Perfect specializes in creating quality planters, including custom planters made of fiberglass, for both indoor and outdoor settings. Our team has numerous years experience working along with our valued clients to make the exact planters they require. From design to creation, we work diligently to breathe life into the visions of our clientele. We have experience working along with a range of clients, including homeowners, architects, and designers, to create their unique concepts. We offer a fast production turnaround timetable that guarantees custom-made products are delivered efficiently.


round-custom-made-fiberglass-planterOver the many years of creating custom planters, we have become skilled at working with various types of materials. Fiberglass is a material that offers many benefits. When making custom planters, it is important to create exactly what our clients need. Fiberglass can be shaped into even the most difficult design specifications. Fiberglass itself is a blend of glass fibers and plastic polymers, this combination of the product allows planters to be lightweight and at the same time impervious to harsh conditions. Custom fiberglass planters will not be affected by corrosion, water damage or harm from sunlight. Our custom fiberglass planters are durable and guaranteed to leave our clients satisfied.


tapered-custom-made-fiberglass-planterWhy work with Planters Perfect for custom-made planters?

  • Our Planters Perfect team puts to use years of experience in every project. From different designs to different materials, we have experience doing it all.
  • A focus on client satisfaction. By working along closely with our clients, particularly on custom projects, we can produce the exact products that our clients request.
  • Our efficient scheduling means that custom planter projects are delivered within the time frame agreed upon.


Our team at Planters Perfect takes pride in every planter that leaves our warehouse. The attention to detail we put into every product and project guarantees client satisfaction. Work along with Planters Perfect to create the custom planters that you have envisioned.

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