Can I request a custom colour?

Yes you can. All we need is an RAL # or an actual physical sample of the colour you want matched.

Can I get my planters made in shapes other than rectangles or squares?

Absolutely. We are happy to make any shape you can think of. However, we do have a tendency to give our expert opinion on design aspects, as we want your dream planters to functionally work. We want you to be completely satisfied with both the look and build of your finished planter.

Where are your planters made... are they imported?

All of are planters are fabricated locally just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada in Port Coquitlam. They are not imported from anywhere. They are made in Canada.

What kind of Warranty do you offer?

Our warranty in short is 2 years on the powder coat and 5 years on the build. We strive to make sure there are no defects while manufacturing, but just incase that happens, we are more than willing to provide you with a new planter replacing your defective one. That being said, in the eight years of us making these, we have NEVER had a warranty claim. In fact, the planters we fabricated back then look the same as the day they were made.

How quickly can I get my planter(s)?

If we have the planter you want in stock, we can ship it the same day. If you are comfortable with overnight shipping charges, you can have it the next day. If the planter you are requesting is a custom shape or colour, our turn around time can be as fast as 12 days depending on the quantity you need, the colour you need and a few other factors that impact our manufacturing processes. Our goal though is to get you the planters you need when you need them. For us there is always a solution to your timeline requirements.

Can I have my custom planters built exactly the way I want?

Most definitely. A lot of times we have requests to have planters over-engineered with heavier and thicker gauges of metal. Sometimes customers even require extra reinforcement in the form of gussets and internal bracing. We are only happy to help with these requests. In addition to fabricating beefed up planters, we are also able to customize your planters so that they can support any irrigation or lighting systems you want to integrate.

How will my planters fare outside in the direct sunlight or in the extreme cold?

Very well. The powder coat we use is categorized as “super durable”. This means that it has a UV rating which guarantees against colours fading. In addition, the powder coating process produces a coating twice as thick as standard paint. This gives it the advantage of flexibility and an inherent ability to bend and yield with the aluminum it is applied to. This is ideal for situations in which the planters are subject to extreme weather conditions where the metal may contract and expand. As well, aluminum does not rust, so it will never corrode or break down. This is why we love the combination of aluminum with super durable powder coat. It is essentially bulletproof… in world of planters… and 100% recyclable.

Do all of your planters have drainage holes in them?

What if I don’t want drainage holes for my indoor planter? All of our planters come standard with drainage holes, as we functionally use these holes to hang our planters while they are being powder coated. However, we can definitely construct planters without drainage holes for your indoor applications. Just let us know during the ordering process and we will make that happen.

What kind of feet should I use with my new planter?

We supply you with everything you need, including the planter feet they need to be resting on. These too are made of recycled material… neoprene compressed rubber, each one rated to support over 1000 lbs. We not only recommend you use these, but it is imperative for warranty purposes, that the planters be off the ground to drain properly and not have their bottoms scratched up. In addition to our regular 1/2” high feet that give your planters the perfect shadow line, we also supply Ollie Lift N’ Level kits that contain planter feet of varying heights. These are the perfect solution for planter installations on uneven ground.