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How it all began

Metal Planters

One of the key factors in making quality metal planters is which material you use. Many customers prefer durable metal planters that are able to weather the various elements outside the home or around their business, making their planters suitable for roof tops, patios or an industrial environment. Through our extensive experience and knowledge on all planter materials, we can confidently design and create planters from numerous metals, including aluminum, corten, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Aluminum Planters

popular-metal-planters-made-of-aluminumThere are a many great benefits of using Aluminum to create planters. We have found that Aluminum is the perfect material to work with in our creation process.

The aluminum we use at Planters Perfect is lightweight without any sacrifice to durability. In fact, we use a marine grade 5052 aluminum that is easily customizable, yet still strong and robust. Of course, the rust free qualities of aluminum are also perfect for this application. Our aluminum products are completed with an enduring powder coat finish.

Aluminum is the finest, most durable and will fit everyone’s needs to offer you the maximum satisfaction.

~ Alvar Aalto, architect and designer.

The Divider Series

metal plantersA popular planter that we offer from our range of products in aluminum is the Divider series. This planter offers all the benefits that we have mentioned associated with using aluminum. If you need to divide an area with some plants or shrubs, in either a commercial or residential setting, the divider series is a great option. With a narrow and long design, it is perfect for separating spaces. In our product range, we showcase various designs available in aluminum that are suitable for all different requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

The Planters Perfect team is also very proud of the fact we are able to utilize recycled and environmentally friendly materials. For instance, all of our aluminum planters are created from recycled material and are powder coated with a product that will not do any damage to the environment.


Corten Planters

Metal Planter made of CortenWe also feature planters made from the unique material corten steel. This metal alloy has a distinct rust-like appearance, giving the planters a rustic and stylish look. As these planters weather, their features and style actually become more distinct. Corten planters are particularly great as features on your patio, entry way or any outdoors area. Our whole product range is available in corten and Planters Perfect can also help to bring to life your very own custom corten planter design.

Our motto here at Perfect Planters is that “If you can dream it, we’ll find a way to make it happen!” Although our preferred choice of material is aluminum for its aesthetic, durability and workability, we are willing to work together with our clients with the material that they feel fulfills their specific needs. If you have a specific request for custom planter, don’t hesitate to contact us through the links below. Also, feel free to browse our online store, where you will find our full range of metal planters.