Ollie Pot Risers

Ollie Pot Risers

Ollie Lift’n’Level Pot Risers ensure every Planters Perfect planter is lifted above ground for proper drainage to reduce staining and rotting.

Not only are these risers and shims functional to lift and level new or existing planters, they are architectural and give your planters an amazing shadow line.

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The Ollie Lift N’ Level Pot Riser Level kits distinct features include:

– Easily raise and level your pots, a market first for new or existing planters and pots
– Non slip, low profile and out-of-sight
– Protects decks and surfaces from staining and rotting
– Allows irrigation or electrical lines to be hidden underneath
– Perfect for all large commercial planters or residential projects
– Lifetime warranty


Made from recycled material in the UK.


The Ollie Lift N’ Level Pot Riser SMALL Kit includes:

  • 4-1″x1″x1/2″ Risers
  • 2-1″x1″x1/4″ Shims
  • 2-1″x1″x1/8″ Shims

Note: this kit is designed to lift and level one planter or pot.

The Ollie Lift N’ Level Pot Riser LARGE Kit includes:

  • 12-1″x1″x1/2″ Risers
  • 4-1″x1″x1/4″ Shims
  • 4-1″x1″x1/8″ Shims

Note: this kit is designed to lift and level 3-4 planter or pots. 3 generally needed for round pots.

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Dimensions 18 x 18 x 18 in


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