Ollie Plant Sipper

Ollie Plant Sipper

A revolutionary solution to conserving water, Ollie Plant Sipper reservoirs mimic capillary action found in nature and enable plants to essentially water themselves at the root.

Ollie Plant Sipper’s are an environmentally friendly product that result in stronger and longer lasting plants that consume 80% less water than they would with conventional, topical watering methods.

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Additionally, fertilizers and additives can be added to the water reservoir so that they feed directly to the roots of the plant, reducing fertilizer usage by up to 75%. Each reservoir tank is simply installed within 15cm of the plants root system where, through natural capillary action of the soil, it feeds the plants from the bottom up. An amazing benefit of these water savings is a reduced watering schedule as Ollie’s allow for 3-6 weeks between waterings depending on the application. This ensures plants will stay lush during drought periods and water restrictions. Ollie Plant Sipper’s are the perfect planter accessory and offer the best in convenience and sustainability.


Made from recycled material in the UK.


Planters Perfect offers eight sizes of Ollie Plant Sippers, from 6” round to 15” round, 25” to 36” long and variable depths.

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Dimensions 18 x 18 x 18 in


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